China, Japan, Thailand, oh my...

My first blog, so here it goes...

"Mathew, why does your blog state May 7th creation... what took so long!".

I have an easy answer to that. Simply put, it has taken me nearly this long to get good working Internet service here in China.

That's right, I have been living in China since July 2007. My travels have taken me to Beijing, Hong Kong, and now Shenzhen (which is right next to Hong Kong!). It's been a a wild ride beyond my farthest expectations. For instance, when I arrived in China I weight 192 lbs. I am now 130 lbs.

What happened you say? I became fit... this is what I do now:

1) Teach English to middle school kids (the stress alone is amazing...)
2) Drink only water or tea (except bar nights...)
3) Walk EVERYWHERE, up and down stairs, sideways...
4) Ride my bike daily (almost) to a hill and come back (1 hour-ish).
5) Eat vegetables, lots of eggs (Protein), and light carbs (rice, noodles, etc.).

And voila, here I am.

Recently I've also had the opportunity to travel to exotic locations like Thailand (Bangkok and Phuket), Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur), Cambodia (Phnom Penh and Seam Reap), Taiwan (Taipei Game Show!!!), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh), and Japan (Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto). The Chinese have their "Spring Festival" for four weeks, where the kids have no classes, and thus I am free to explore! I took advantage of that time.

If you are interested in my travels, simply check out my Facebook profile at: All my photos are there, as well as snippets of comments explaining some of the more mysterious and inquisitive scenes.

Four months to go and I am out of here!... maybe. Will I return? It's been such a life-turning experience (a good one), that I just may. Stay tuned and we'll see where teaching in China, or exploring more of the game industry, takes me.

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