"Only In China", Part 1 (The WTF)...

China, the land of growth, pollution, fake electronics and DVD copies, "small towns" larger than 1 million persons, and a land that is filled with more oddities and "WTF" thoughts than I can shake a local sugar-cane at.

Since coming to China six months ago I've seen some "WTF" stuff here. Recently I've come back from Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, Malaysia, and other Asian countries, and I can safely say China is rather unique in this "WTF" regard.

What do I mean? Well, allow me to simply bullet point and you will get the idea of what I've seen and experienced.

1) A security guard on every corner! And I mean EVERY corner. There are probably more security guards here than any other employee class. It's rather nice, but awfully surprising, and unnecessary as a whole. 80 percent of the time they are just sitting there. I suppose when the "shit hits the fan", whatever that may be, they might be more useful.

2) Cars, buses, and other large vehicles suddenly crossing into oncoming traffic to attempt to pass a traffic jam in their direction.

3) Having pedestrians walk INTO your line of motion, instead of more obviously going around you.

4) Buses that are so unstable you have to hold on with your very life so you aren't thrown into the nearest window, or on-top of someone carrying way too much luggage (and that is all assuming of course the buses are not jammed packed like sardines in a tin can). Cambodia was actually worse than this ;(.

5) Chinese "Now-ism"... "we do not plan for tomorrow, we plan for yesterday!". For example, I didn't know my teaching schedule until 5 minutes after the first class had already begun...

6) Selling of stinky tofu. Why oh why in gods name would anyone buy something that smells up the entire area like it was pulled out of someone's ass?

7) I believe there are more counterfeit bills in circulation than real ones...

8) Bike riders carrying more luggage and piles of "stuff" on their backs than would normally fit in an SUV. It's necessary in many cases, but still a sad situation for those that have to do it ;(.

9) Why do products have a manufacture date and not an expiration date (usually)? I could care less when it was made, I want to know when it expires!

10) The serious, serious, lack of lines and other "order". Going to Taiwan was rather refreshing. While in general everyone is nice and keeps to themselves, they have a lack of lines or order here in China in most public transportation elements. But hey, it's a big city with lots of people, so that may take some time to sort out... having the security guard on every corner assist would speed things up.

11) I did add something here about the holes in baby pants in public places, but it's just too gross to go into, so I removed it :(. I don't want to offend anyone reading this, even if its the truth.

Stay tuned for the good stuff... there is plenty. I just thought I'd point out the more obvious WTF stuff in this article.

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