My laptop is on fire!

Well, not quite just yet... but soon I suspect.

My laptop, the same damn one that several of my friends have, is going through some sort of "hot flashes" syndrome. Essentially the GPU is overheating (or the sensor is malfunctioning, as the case doesn't really get "that" warm...), likely due to a separated heat sink or poor/failing fan.

When idle the GPU is at like 85c, but when I try to run anything serious (like games) it kicks up to 91 or 92c! This causes the computer to slow itself down to a virtual crawl to prevent itself from going up in a glorious orange flaming inferno (potentially blue if I'm lucky).

So, last week I finally took it to some mystery shop here in China, and they said they didn't have the parts to fix it. They WERE going to charge me 100 Yuan (about 15 bucks) to look at it. Fortunately, when I arrived back the next day to retrieve the laptop this lady said "sorry, you can go...", so I left... quickly... down the stairwell in case they suddenly remembered and tried to stop me while I was waiting for the elevator.

What am I going to do with an overheating laptop that is a fire hazard? For the moment, nothing... just let it burn out. What else can I do? I can't sell the damn thing... can I? Anyone reading this in China want this thing? I'll sell it for... 6000 Yuan. Seriously, it works great otherwise, just has this temperature issue that will eventually consume the thing (probably less than a year I suspect, if it is in fact actually overheating). Has 4 GB of memory and is pretty kick ass otherwise.

What will I do if this thing burns up suddenly in the middle of the night? Well, if I'm caught in the fire, I'm screwed, because this place has only one small exit. The windows are barred... but, if I'm lucky it will keep until this summer, to which I will return to Wisconsin and promptly throw it up on ebay. Then I will buy a new desktop or two, or probably a mini-PC I can carry in a suitcase (if I travel again).

Wish me luck that it lasts until the summer... or I'm forced to buy some customized jobber here in China (and there is no "New Egg" or "Best Buy" outlet here...). Finding good parts, let alone the exact ones I would prefer, is likely going to be impossible.

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