My favorite unique games of all time: Part 2 (Console)

I wrote a few weeks ago about all of my favorite PC game series and which game I thought stood above them all in uniqueness and originality. Today I'm going to list those series and unique console games that I think truly stood out amongst the console scene, and had a special place in my collection.

While there were barely enough "unique" PC games to select, I found it almost as difficult to select ten from the entire console platform's library of games. This is perhaps only an admission that my console experience is "limited", so feel free to add in your own favorites here:

1) Dragon Warrior Series (NES)

2) Final Fantasy Series (Multiple)

3) Mario Series (NES/SNES)

4) Zelda Series (NES/SNES)

5) Metroid Series (Multiple)

6) Starfox Series (Multiple)

7) Shadowrun (SNES)

8) Pitfall (Atari 2600)

9) Donkey Kong Series (Multiple)

10) Star Wars Series (Multiple)

Interesting that ALL of these are from console systems over five years old. What does that say about my perception of current console games? Don't assume I think they are all "crap", but I have a hard time finding any recent games or genres that deserve a "Top 10" spot on this list. Being chosen for my top ten list is a true privilege :).

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