May flowers bring June...

Almost a week has gone by since my last blog... some might think I've given up! I assure you that wasn't the case. I had a simple lapse of a few days where I somehow forgot my login information. The way I figure it, my memory is about 4ns worse than a cats. A cats memory span is about 10 minutes...

I still haven't come up with a rhyme for the title of this blog yet, but it is supposed to relate to my coming home in two weeks. May has been an interesting, although mostly quiet month during a time when I am thinking about a lot of things, such as what to buy for myself when I get home! Hey, I haven't "shopped" in a year... can you blame me? June is when my time is up in China for this year and I go home to visit family and friends for the summer, and possibly beyond (I haven't absolutely thought this far yet).

I've written in previous blogs about my time here in China, the goods and bads, normal and not-so-normal happenings, etc. Could I have picked a better year than 2007/2008 school season? I have Tibet uprisings and earthquakes on the left, the Olympics in the North, Taiwan elections to the east, and SARS reappearance to the South in Hong Kong. I'm trapped, unable to escape, help!

Fortunately, it's been a great learning experience, and there has been so many positives I've written about that I fear I will be spending a lot of time with the family boring them to death with my adventurous stories of mayhem, curiosities, and school days. I can only imagine what way they will react when they see me for the first time in a year. The last time I was with them I was 190lbs, but today I am 125lbs. "Rolly Polly" was a name my grandmother used once as a joke. I wasn't really fat, but she just spit it out anyway. Now I get the last laugh, haha!

One thing that I want to pass along to whomever reads this. Have fun with life, go out exploring and find new things, because you may only get one chance at it. I took a chance, wasn't sure what to expect with China and Asia, and I certainly underestimated that expectation. I've discovered a new world within my sphere of knowledge, a world that is blossoming and growing on a daily basis. I need only watch the dozen construction sites around my school and the students learning in their classrooms within as evidence of this.

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