China's All-Seeing Eye

My city is famous! Well, if you want to praise it like that, then it is indeed famous, but for something many of us shun... being watched without knowing it. China, in conjunction with western investments, has dumped billions of dollars into Shenzhen over the last thirty years. I have the privilege of seeing the results of that investment. While it is indeed an impressive city visually, it is even more impressive in what hides beneath the street lights and in corner shadows, as this article details:

Am I frightened of being watched? Of course not, for I have nothing to hide. Only those that have something to hide, or for some reason may be embarrassed at an act they commit publicly (in which case they probably deserve being embarrassed) should have anything to worry about. What is worrisome is the likely proliferation of this technology across the globe and its potential abuse. What's next, the extinction of net neutrality and enforced monitoring? Oh, wait...:


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