There is no place like home

"There is no place like home", Dorothy Gale said in the Wizard of Oz. She also said something along the lines of, "Where am I? I must be dreaming".

I've said both of those phrases to myself over the past year as I've traveled throughout Asia and taught English in Shenzhen, China. Several times I would be walking down the street and I would see something weird, stupid, funny, strange, or I would simply be walking and suddenly realize really where I am and say quietly to myself, "Where am I again?". It was a nice reminder, a "pinch" on the skin if you will, that I wasn't just dreaming this adventure I seemed to be experiencing.

For the years before I came to China I had a fairly elementary life that was consistent, positive, and most important it was enjoyable. China helped me to grow beyond what I had already accomplished in life beyond my wildest expectations. I've learned a lot and helped others to grow as well, all in the span of one year.

The next question for myself must be, "Where am I going?". Living in the here-and-now is important, as we can't change the past nor can we for sure predict and conquer the future. Still, one must properly prepare and assess as best as they can what the next step should be. That is the stage I am currently at. I am home from China, ready for the next challenge and experience that awaits for my decision to act upon it.

If you are interested in reviewing my adventures you need only read the rest of this blog, view video clips on my YouTube site, photos on my Facebook site, or contact me and ask questions. I have a lot of stories to share so don't be shy!

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