The Beijing Olympics have begun

With the onset of the Olympic games occurring today, there are controversies and unities happening all over the world, especially in the capital of China, Beijing. Having visited the city I can say that much of what reporters have spoken about are true, but what is surprising to me still is the lack of significant change the government was able to implement in the time they had. Billions was spent, yet clouds of smog still cling to the city skyline.

Still, the Olympics are officially on, and all the major athletes are ready to begin several days of heated competitions the likes of which we haven't seen since perhaps the start of the very first Olympics itself in 1936, Berlin. Interesting isn't it, that the very first Olympics and today's games would both reside in countries that are Communist. Germany outgrew its past, now let us see if the Olympics can help China grow beyond its past.

Great Wall celebrations:

Olympic swimming pool:

Olympic stadium at night with city skyline in the background:

Olympic stadium at night with fireworks:

A series of photos that help to show how series China is at not only the Olympics, but proving itself as an entity that "can do":

On a more personal note, I find the aspect of China growing as a world power to be exciting in one way most of us never come to realize... electronic games. Asia has always been a huge influence on the game industry, especially Japan. With China holding more persons than any other country, an Internet population that just passed the United States, as well as a population developing in a consumerist society faster than one can say "Beijing Olympic Games", electronic games will inevitably be a growing and increasingly powerful industry internationally.

While my previous blog post about China revealed that it may not be as easy as some think for the upcoming superpower, it still is an unstoppable entity that now holds force on the world stage. I can guarantee that the electronic game industry will see that growth potential being realized over the next decade. The Olympics, another type of games, are exciting the Chinese people in a fury that will last decades beyond what we see here in the next few days, through good or bad, wins or losses, Americans or Chinese.

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