Success for me is in the process

Some of us have a hard time getting started on a project, whether the project is a simple as mowing the lawn, to as complex and risky as starting a business. Planning can take up a significant portion of a projects life-cycle, especially when you're talking about game design. Even plotting a mowing route around a house requires a little planning (if not to simply avoid mowing over something fragile, like the tennis ball that I mowed over last month). Each project takes that first "oomph" as I like to call it. After that it is all downhill, easy riding... right?

What works for me when looking for the energy in getting started on a project (besides a good cup of tea) is the motivation. You have to have the motivation in order to begin, let alone finish a project. The motivation for most people is typically in how the end results will look if the project is successfully completed. However, it is a bit different for me. I also love to see the end results blossom in all their glory, but the process itself is just as interesting.

For example, I'm currently finishing a book about the game industry. You'd think that at 300+ pages and only 5% left to go, I would be working my hide off getting it finished. I have definitely been working hard on it, but it's been a slower process the last few steps than I expected it would be. It's becoming more of a workout up a mountain than a downhill sled ride. Either way, the end results are worth it. I've been so excited by the process, that getting closer and closer to the end has changed my perception of the project itself.

What is the issue then in completing a project? Believe it or not, success. I'm not talking about Hollywood get-rich kind of success. I'm talking about general "it's done" success, the personal kind that is all found inside one-self, not from the compliments of others. It can actually be scary to finish a project because you suddenly realize you're, well, done... what is their to do next? The next project of course, but what is it to be?!

And that brings me to the point of this blog. The true enjoyment for me isn't in starting a project or finishing it, as it is in simply doing it. The success for me is the process and seeing how the project grows and evolves as time goes on. Don't get me wrong, I ultimately love seeing a project finished, but even if something I am working on fails and is never seen by anyone but myself, it doesn't matter because I know what I did and am simply proud to have done it.

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