An addendum to my space interests

It's funny how I write an article about something passionate and then a day or two later see other articles on the Internet that reflect my ideologies. No, they didn't copy from me (in all likelihood), but just tuned into an AM or FM brain channel of mine and read my thoughts instead...

Seriously, I just finished reading a fantastic article regarding space exploration and why we must explore space and expand beyond our little planet called Earth in order to survive as a technologically advanced civilization. Read on for an overview of why space isn't just "empty":

Because I'm just so darn fascinated with space exploration, I thought to give you a little more into why we would go and what is out there:

Extraterrestrial Resources:

Asteroid Mining:

Is space exploration worth it:

Many earths:

The Drake Equation:

An eventual end:

Space Frontier Foundation:

The Local Chimney:

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