Fallout 3 = FPS/RPG = FAIL

Fallout 3 is a fantastic game overall. It has a lot of detailed RPG elements that transition relatively smoothly in a FPS system. The problem is that some of them are so blatantly bad you can't relax and enjoy the rest of the game. The saying goes, "It only takes one to ruin it for everyone else." 10/10? Hardly, 9/10? Maybe, 8/10? Yeah, I could go for that ratio in how good the game is overall.

I am getting sick and tired of reviews that are so biased they can't see beyond their own paychecks. Take a look at magazine reviews from ten years or more ago and see the quality and depth they provide (as well as the porn advertisements on the back). What happened?! What business do these reviewers have in giving a game a 10/10 when you have inconsistencies like this happening?:



If you'll notice carefully, the enemy took over twenty bullets to the HEAD even after the shooter buffed up everything he had! One could argue that "It's just a game!", but that doesn't cut it, quite frankly. If the designers couldn't figure out a better system for such an unrealistic situation, I'm definitely not giving this game a 10/10, even if there were good reasons behind the decision.

Sure, a lot of games' characters take a beating unrealistically, but this is blatantly BAD. Check this out to wrap up my point:


Yeah... some designer missed the mark big time in that one. Things like this make me think about what goes through designers minds at this stage of gameplay. Do they even PLAY their game after designing it, ever going "Hmm, that seems odd..." in the slightest? This tells me not, and this is just one of a few blatant examples in the game of missing the realism mark.

Again, I love the game overall, except for these little "bumps" in the realism road. I see too much of this in movies and other situations that really make you wonder how much they notice these things in-house, or if they do notice them, what the reasons are for not resolving them. There is always a reason I'm sure... no more development money, timetables, marketing, not enough sleep...

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