U.S. power, influence will decline in future

I love America and what it stands for, which is why the following report is very scary, very real, and going to change each and every one of us in the not-so-distant future in how we carry out our daily lives. I've been to China and I've seen what they are doing over there (I won't mention the huge online game addiction epidemic). The next superpower? If they don't pollute their waters and sky beyond recognition, or become complacent like we are, just maybe...

U.S. power, influence will decline in future, report says

What can we do about future power struggles as worldwide resources diminish? Who will benefit most, or be squashed by those on the way up the power ladder? I don't have an answer to that. Fortunately, the United States actually sits on most of the alternative energy resources the world could ever hope to have in one place. We have the best solar, wind, geothermal, tidal, coal, and nuclear capacities. A new economic opportunity awaits, one in which could be our salvation. I see no better time than to take advantage of that opportunity.

While the U.S. will likely remain a global super power, we won't have quite as much say in foreign affairs in decades to come as we used to, no matter how many resources we sit on top of. That particularly scares me because we really have a great country here, one like no other. The United States has stood at the forefront of so much technological and sociological progress. But progress that threatens to slip away due to a massive economic mess and the rest of the world simply "growing up".

While I will not say who I voted for, nor will I applaud or decry either Democrats or Republicans, I will say that some of Obama's intentions are focused in the right direction. He is willing to drive a new industry in alternative energies, which may just replace the auto industry that is now in ruins. While some of his policies are suspect, I firmly believe he is one of very few hopes we have in turning this country around, and this world. He already brought cheers to millions around the world, so some progress has already been made.

The future is uncertain, by its very definition. While some of my blogs may suggest otherwise, I am an optimist. I simply point out the reality of things to those that may not fully appreciate their current situations. It also helps me understand my own. Perhaps everything will work itself out and we'll all be able to continue to buy gas at $2.00 or less a gallon.

If you'll excuse me now, I must practice up on my Chinese speaking & writing...

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