Calories vs. Game Content

Thursdays are my buffet days. This is the day of the week I splurge on calories and let loose on the diet plan. Before I get into an interesting comparison of what I eat during this festival of foods, I want to mention an experience I had while in China last year that jump-started this diet plan I am still using today. A plan I should probably get off of.

When I left for China I weighed 195lbs. When I came back a year later I weighed 125lbs. I was also 125lbs. just six months into my journey there, effectively slashing my weight by more than a third in a half a year. I did this through exercise, a massive change in diet, and some positive thinking. While it wasn't easy, I did end up dropping calories a bit more than I should have.

Upon returning home I was yelled at by my doctor for being underweight. Part of the problem was in counting calories so stringently. I'm very analytical and methodical. Perhaps a bit obsessive now in the food department as well. 50 calories here, 35 there, 1/2 hour until I can eat 225 calories for lunch, maybe 450-500 calories for dinner, etc.

At the buffet today I finished off my splurge in calories with a large spoonful of banana pudding. The very best pudding one can possibly have, taste wise anyway. In returning home I looked up how many calories that spoonful contained. I was dismayed in learning it contained over 200 calories, in just one spoonful! The carrot I am eating right now has 4. I would need to eat 50 carrots to equal that spoonful of banana pudding.

Good games don't need to have a huge amount of content to be enjoyable, much like how we expect tasty foods to have a large amount of calories. I love my carrots almost as much as I love banana pudding. It is about the balance and focus of my health and percentage of positive gain that makes carrots appealing. Just as it is with a small game that gives you great content to explore, instead of a game that ultimately has more content and fun experiences, but leaves you wondering if it was worth playing.

The carrot is extremely low in calories and has a great crunch when eating it. A lot of games would be more successful with less content that is of a higher quality. We would enjoy playing through the game over and over far more often, just like me eating carrots every day for a snack without getting sick of them. It may take some time to get used to, but we'd love the new experience soon enough.

Did I mention carrots were cheaper than banana pudding?

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