A yearly holiday cheer

With my blog posts thinning out this month due to the holidays, I wanted to be sure to still slip one in here regardless of this busy time of year. The holidays are usually celebrated with family, friends and other loved ones. This is my favorite time of year, as I get to buy gifts and bake cookies for those that appreciate the offerings.

It is also a time of year where things change. The year is almost over with a new one starting as quickly and fresh as the snow falling outside my window. A chill occasionally passes through my house this time of year, reminding me that winter is but a doorstep away. All the happy memories I hold in this house have a barrier against the cold as hard as plaster and wood, yet as fragile as a door left open.

We must cherish each moment that we have with those we love and take care those moments do not wane with a new year. Another year means another round of thanks and holiday cheer. I look forward and back in my life, trying to understand where I am in the current moment. I continually find that any day is a day for celebration, regardless of its meaning.

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