My New Years Resolution

One tends to start out the new year with all sorts of promises, commitments, and explanations for things they plan to do in the year ahead. Everyone plans, but how many commit, and how many more are able to explain their plans and commitments, especially when forced upon by others?

My new years resolutions were numerous, from obtaining level 50 in Warhammer Online to reorganizing my house in Ultima Online. Hey, I said they were numerous, I didn't say they were diverse.

I had eventually whittled away this count each day, down to just one yesterday morning. You are probably thinking right now, "We haven't even entered February yet and this guy has only one left?" Yep, just one. This didn't result out of procrastination, another online game that caught my attention, or any other lame excuse.

I realized that I really only need one. It may sound lame, but my new years resolution is to be happy throughout the year. That's all there is to it. No complications, no formulas, no notes, just a plan for happiness. One might think that this was an obvious "default" shared by all, but sadly this goal seems to be elusive for many in today's society.

I am an avid news reader, from online games to war stories in the Middle East. It is some of these stories, that if one listens to closely enough, tell a lesson to those that are fortunate enough to hear it. We have a special place in this world and must cherish each and every moment as if it were the last. Do not take anything for granted lest ye fall victim to it, by "default".

A lame new years resolution, but the only one you can be certain I will not procrastinate on.

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