Where does the time go?

I'm beginning to slip in keeping this blog series updated. We've been so busy at Quest Online, LLC. that I haven't had much time in thinking about my drifting thoughts. I usually jot them down here in a blog whenever one of them passes across my vision that is of any remote interest. Alright, they are ALL interesting to me since they are my thoughts ;).

I've actually been thinking more about China than this blog, so I really should marry the two once again. I believe the "China" category here is almost as large as the gaming one. I had a fantastic year teaching in China and exploring much of Eastern Asia while doing so. I met so many friends, learned so much, and took away from it a lifetime's worth of experiences and value for yet future experiences.

What was I thinking? Why leave something that I thought was so fantastic and such a valuable experience? Quite simply, for another experience. My firm belief is that in order to grow as a person you must go. You must go to new places and go through new experiences in order to understand the world and be best able to prepare for things that come later in life, especially those that are unexpected and of the moment.

I've spent the last two months as the community manager for Quest Online, LLC. I hope my career continues to move forward, while at the same time being able to travel across the world and gain additional experiences and insight into how the world turns. It's interesting that I strive to build a career around the fictional and fantastical, yet insist on learning about the real world just as much.

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