Events For Gamers "E4G"

It's always exciting to me when I start planning for a major trip, partly because I don't get to do it very often. Fortunately, I will be attending the upcoming GDC conference in San Francisco. I like helping at these events or getting to know my fellow industry members more, or sharing with them the latest game I am working on. All of which is why I created Events For Gamers, or "E4G" for short.

Events For Gamers was created with the idea that you shouldn't have to search for the date of your favorite event, how much it is going to cost to attend, and simply what the event is all about. Nor should you have to fish through Google to find news from media sites about it.

E4G brings all the core information for all game related events to one place, allowing discussions and community sharing of event news and information. E4G also supports active groups, with a search ability to find others that may be attending a similar event.

E4G caters not only to the casual player, but media, developers, and event coordinators with private forum access for these groups to discuss events in private.

Now that I have E4G in a testing stage, I thought to open it up to my friends here at my blog site to help test the service. I need to identify what needs to be filled in yet that I may have missed, as well as reporting bugs and problems. Also, I would simply like to know if E4G is something useful for media, developers, event organizers, and the general public. This has been a long-running project that I personally think would be useful, but perhaps someone can point out otherwise.

You can find the site at:

I ask that you create an account, fill in some profile information (whether its accurate or anonymous), and just play around with the site to see what it all has to offer. Your feedback is appreciated. Developers that wish to participate are certainly appreciated as well.

I will be needing news reporters, a forum moderator, a web developer, and someone who can just help keep the site updated. Anyone wishing to volunteer and help out please contact me!

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