Should I write about China in my China book?

Now that my MMO book is completed (woot!) and due to be published in the next few weeks, I am beginning my thoughts on what to write for my China book. I had such a fantastic experience last year teaching students in China and exploring much of Asia, as my previous blogs have shown, that I want... no, I NEED to write about it in a book that others can enjoy.

So, what should I write about? I will write about my observations on how the Chinese gaming community differs from its Western counterpart, how economics and politics of the East and West differ (and in many ways meet), and many other topics of interest. Should I actually write about China itself though? I'm wondering, because even though I had so many experiences there, I only saw a fraction of China overall.

One thing that annoys me about the media in general, is that they are generally biased. They often can't help it, and often have to be that way to make a point. Sometimes they simply don't have enough information to make a fair and balanced review. Do I want to do the same in a book that will be pressed permanently in the minds of its readers? Should I write about my limited impressions of what China was like?

While it was, to me, a thousand times better than my initial assumptions, what if those impressions are largely skewed? What if my book takes an entirely different direction if I had spent a few months in Sichuan or some other deeply embedded province, away from any of the cities like Beijing, Shanghai, or Hong Kong that I explored. In the end I think it doesn't matter, as I cannot write about everything, nor certainly experience everything.

I think I will write this book about what I experienced and only what I experienced, and let you the reader decide what percentage of reality there is in my story. I can say one thing for certain, and that what I experienced was a once-in-a-lifetime event. I encourage anyone that is thinking about taking a similar experience, to do so without hesitation (but do take considerations).

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