My first 100 days as a Community Manager

A few months ago I wrote about my first month as a developer Community Manager. When first acquiring the position, the expectations I had were wide. While those initial expectations were mostly positive, I looked forward to meeting any challenges that may lay ahead. I also wrote about how I came to choosing this career path, and that if I had not done so I would have regretted it.

An interesting observation since my first month, is that no one in community management is a true expert. There is a chance for each of us to find a niche. I want to help the field in better understanding itself and the direction it will take with the next generation of gamers. Almost any job in the game industry still has this potential, but more so it is found in the community field. Being a part of Quest Online has given me an opportunity to begin exploring that potential.

Everyday our MMO, Alganon, is growing in the public spotlight. We recently entered Private Beta with a target release date of this summer. Fans are pouring in from many diverse backgrounds, hoping we are the answer to gameplay frustrations and waning interest in their current games. While I don't believe any one game can, nor should, be an "answer", I am proud and excited to have the opportunity to show the community a game that at least gives them another unique choice.

A large part of being a Community Manager is to positively bring together individuals and existing groups in a setting where everyone shares a common interest. Where we can work together on a project to produce something all can be a part of and enjoy long after it is "complete". That is what I enjoy most about this career. That it happens to involve game development is simply a bonus.

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