Promoting original IP

Alganon is an original fantasy MMO IP with only vague similarities to mythological and medieval references that many games share. The uniqueness is in its individual features, such as: the Library, Studies, consignment for the auction house, amongst others. The developers built the game on a foundation of familiarity, then added from there.

There are so many games that share common features, how can you successfully promote your game when the first thing the community usually judges are screenshots that tend to glaringly show off these commonalities? Is it enough to focus on the individual unique components? If we were to hammer into the community that the Library was what made Alganon great, would the game really sell?

I feel one of the keys to successfully promoting an original IP game is to ensure that all content areas are highlighted together when talking about its uniqueness. Show how your character will grow in all areas because of a feature that lets them craft sandwiches while offline. Ignoring content areas or focusing exclusively on a specific feature, won't sell the game.

Regardless of which features are a focus, the game itself needs to have a pull, and that requires active participation to experience. Let the community explore the world as soon as it's ready. This will ultimately tell you if the game will be successful. While it may not be completely unique, does the game have those individual features that make it interesting? Do those features make the game, dare I say, "fun"?

Quest Online is promoting Alganon by listening to the community on what interests them. It amazes me how so many developers brush off the ideas and thoughts of their community. While caution should be taken, as the community is going to have high expectations for your game, listening to them does more than give you ideas, it gives you perspective.

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