A podcast for community managers

The game industry is relatively small, and the community manager field is even smaller still. A great deal of community managers know each other, usually by attending the same yearly events like E3, GDC, and PAX. We also have a forum and website where we discuss new ideas on how to best manage our respective communities.

A few weeks ago I realized there was one thing that we could do that would bring community managers together, and allow another avenue of discussion with the community, which was a podcast that talked about community managing. The first steps in kicking off a community manager podcast began earlier today.

Community managers are social people that love to share all they can about the game's their communities love. I particularly love running around the office during seasonal events like Halloween to take photos of decorated rooms and developers to show the community the crazy mindsets behind their games :).

Now we can get community managers from all over and outside the game industry to share what it's like to work in their fields. To share how they go about bringing features and events to their communities. I'm particularly excited in starting this podcast because it's a chance to meet other community managers.

We've setup the equipment, established a website landing page, and have a tentative schedule for the first set of shows. Now we just need a few guests and we're ready to roll!

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