Attending the Largest Game Guild Conference in the World

I recently wrote a post on Gamasutra about my attendance to the yearly guild convention, SyndCon. The convention is put on every year in a different city by the MMORPG gaming guild, The Syndicate. They are the only guild that I know of that has lasted over 15 years and have a consistent member base of over 500 players between Ultima Online and World of Warcraft.

I've attended the last three conventions and am a close friend to many of the guild members. While I am known by the game name, 'Berek', they prefer to call me by my last name, 'Mr. Anderson'. It's stuck for good I think to my place in their history. In getting closer to the guild over the years, I finally made the plunge and officially joined them in a right of honor at SyndCon 2013.

Visit Gamasutra to read the entire blog post and my experience at the guild convention. If you want to learn more, you can signup to the guild at


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